Protein Bond

Bonds Diamond Overlays to the Protein in your natural nail

Natural Nail Protein Bond is safer and more organic than acrylic or gel glues

Protein Bond

Protein Bond: This proprietary product is an integral part of the revolutionary organic molecular bonding that is unique to the Personal Salon Nail System. It provides the most durable, longest-lasting adhesion available to your nails without chemical damage. It is not a primer and does not contain acid, nail-primer chemicals, volatile methacrylates or acrylate monomers.

Protein Bond forms a powerful, organic protein bond at the molecular level with the natural proteins of the nail. This molecular protein bond is technically referred to as an “organic covalent bond” which produces one of the strongest bonds known in organic chemistry. This bond links up with the Diamond Overlays when hardened under the Bonding Lamp to make a bond that holds securely to your nails, even in a Jacuzzi!

Protein Bond works with the Diamond Overlays to create a secure organic molecular bond with the natural nail. It is safe, nontoxic, and non-irritating.

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