Fingernail Accessories

Personal Salon Application Brush for applying Diamond Overlays to create long-lasting, strong beautiful nails

Application Brush

This professional-style brush is made of the highest quality sable, or tachlon fiber, depending on the brush style, and is designed to meet the standards of professional nail technicians. You should always take special care in cleaning and wiping the brush to ensure long-lasting use of the Application Brush.

Personal Salon Shaping File for preparing and shaping long-lasting beautiful nails

Nail File (180 Grit)

This file is 180 grit (coarseness) on one side and a slightly coarser 100 grit on the other side. It is used to prepare your natural nail surface for bonding with the Diamond Overlays, and for various shaping and preparation procedures prior to application of finishes such as Clear Diamond Finish or polish.

Personal Salon Buffing Block for preparing and shaping long-lasting beautiful nails and use of nail polish

White Buffing Block

This soft buffer is used to lightly buff the natural nail near the cuticle and the skin at the sides of the nail, and to smooth bonded Diamond Overlays.

Personal Salon Manicure Stick for preparing natural nails for Diamond Overlay application

Cuticle Stick

The cuticle stick is used to gently push back the skin surrounding the nail bed prior to preparing the nail for Protein Bond application and to remove excess Diamond Overlay from the cuticle area and skin just prior to bonding. After you’ve used your stick for awhile, it can be sharpened and squared off for further use by filing the ends with the White Shaping File.

Personal Salon Applicator Swabs for cleaning natural nails

Applicator Swabs

The Applicator Swabs provided with your Personal Salon have a high-density, tight weave for controlled absorption and fiber-free application. They are used with Nail Cleanse to clean the nail plate prior to applying Protein Bond™ and to apply the Protein Bond™. Use ONLY the Applicator Swabs supplied with your Personal Salon Nail System (or a similar tight-weave swab). Never use “shaggy” drug store cotton swabs, which absorb too much product, waste it, and leave loose fibers stuck to the nail plate. All these problems can hinder adhesion.

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