Advanced Application: Fills

Fills: Step 1 - Prepare the Nails

  • A. Start:

    Start with clean, dry nails free of polish.
  • B. Cuticle:

    Use the cuticle stick to push back the cuticle.

    Success Tip:

    success tip iconAs you push it back, you may see a little bit of white cuticle skin on the nail plate. Use an edge of your buffing block in a seesaw motion to remove that white tissue, as it blocks access to the natural nail plate.
  • C. Buff & File:

    Using your buffer and the 100 side of your nail file, take the shine off the new nail growth only. File your nails to the shape and length you desire. Use your 100 grit nail file to file off about 20% of the existing CDO to prevent the product from building higher with each fill. CDO files easily so it doesn't take much. Use a fine side of your buffer to smooth the surface and free edge (nail growth at the end) of the nail. Wipe off any filing dust with a clean paper towel.

Application Order Note:

Application Order IconSteps 2-5 are done three times: First complete steps 2-5 for four fingers of one hand, repeat steps 2-5 for four fingers of other hand, then repeat steps 2-5 on thumbs.

Fills: Step 2 - Cleanse Your Nails

  • A. Cleanse:

    Place a drop or two of anti-microbial Nail Cleanse on each nail and thoroughly clean the entire nail plate with an applicator swab. Pull the skin away from the sides to be sure it's completely cleaned.
  • B. Protect:

    Close the Nail Cleanse immediately after use and do not allow anything to touch the nails prior to Step 3.

Fills: Step 3 - Apply the Protein Bond

  • A. Dip:

    Dip a new applicator swab straight in and out of the Protein Bond without tapping the sides and close the bottle.

    Product Care:

    Product Care Info IconClose the Protein Bond bottle immediately. Overexposure to air can cause some crystallization.
  • B. Apply Bond:

    Rub the Protein Bond onto the new nail plate only. You want the new growth to be wet without being soaked. Do not rub the Protein Bond onto the existing CDO.
  • C. Repeat:

    Repeat steps A-C for remaining fingers in the set. Do not allow anything to touch the nails prior to Step 4.

Fills: Step 4 - Apply the Overlay

Application Order Note:

Application Order IconPerform Step 4: A-E one nail at a time on each nail in the set. For example, if you are performing Steps 2-5 on the four fingers of your left hand first, Step 4:A-E should be followed for each nail individually.
  • A. Dip:

    Doing one nail at a time, dip the applicator brush into the CDO and apply a medium size bead to the center of the nail. Close the lid of the CDO, keeping it away from light.
  • B. Apply:

    Use the applicator brush to push the CDO near to the cuticle and to the sides and end of the nail. CDO is a revolutionary self-leveling product and can be guided by turning your hand to direct the product on the nail. Place the brush between a piece of tinfoil and remove from light.

    Success Tip:

    success tip iconYou want a thickness of about 5-7 sheets of paper. Make sure you cover the sides and end of the nail. Your CDO is self-leveling so let the product do the work for you by turning your finger in a position that will allow the CDO to go wherever you want it. The area of your nail most vulnerable to breakage is from the center to the tip. Apply your CDO so that it gradates from thinner at the back, which facilitates easier blending of fill-in lines, to thicker at the center and end of the nail, which reinforces the most vulnerable areas.
  • C. Form Nail:

    Form the nail and remove brush strokes by turning your hand upside down for 10 seconds.

    Success Tip:

    success tip iconExcessive brushing can cause bubbles. If you see a bubble, pop it with your cuticle stick.
  • D. Remove Excess:

    Remove excess CDO from skin and cuticle using the cuticle stick.

    For Your Information:

    For Your InformationDon't worry if some of the CDO gets on your skin. CDO has been engineered to NOT bond to your skin.
  • E. Flash Bond:

    Using the bonding lamp, quick set the nail for one second, then remove for five seconds. Repeat this four times. Remove finger immediately if you feel a warming sensation, stop, remove the nail and let dry for a few seconds before continuing.
  • F. Repeat (if desired):

    If you want a thicker application, you can repeat steps A-E.

Fills: Step 5 - Cure Nails with UV Bond

  • A. Begin Bonding:

    One you complete Step 4:A-E on all four fingers (or two thumbs), cure the nails in the current set at the same time. Place fingers 8-10 inches under the bonding lamp and slowly lower the hood.

    Success Tip:

    success tip iconTo ensure even curing on all nails, place your fingers on the lamp's base in the center-most portion of the lamp, directly under the bulb. Position your fingers at a slight angle so they are flat and close together but not touching each other. When bonding your thumbs, bring the lamp to the edge of your table to more easily lay your thumbs flat under the lamp.
  • B. Finish Bonding:

    Leave your fingers in the center of the bonding lamp under the lowered hood for 90 seconds. Remove your hand and lightly touch the product with your finger. If it feels slick, it is dry. If product is still tacky, repeat at 60-second intervals.
  • C. File and Shape:

    If necessary, remove excess cured CDO with the White Shaping File.

    Success Tip:

    success tip iconFile coming up under the excess as filing on top of the nail removes the shine. File a little bit under the end of the nail, but not too much as over-filing can take off the protective CDO cap you put on the nail.
  • D. Cleanse:

    Clean the skin and cuticle with the Nail Cleanse and a clean dry applicator swab.
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