Before You Get Started: Keys for Success

Start Smart!

For the best results, read through this entire section and the instructions to each process from beginning to end prior to starting application.

Use Only Personal Salon Techniques and Products

Because Personal Salon nail products are unlike anything else on the market, never use any techniques you may have learned or seen for applying acrylics, gels, or other nail systems. Follow our easy application and maintenance processes for optimum results. Only use the custom-engineered system of Personal Salon products on your nails. Use of any other products will impede adhesion, cause lifting or damage your nails.

Success Tip:

Some nail products leave residue, such as hardened acrylic, glues and monomers on and in the nail, that reduce adhesion and block the ability of the organic bonding to take place. If you have used glues, tips, acrylics, gels, wraps or similar products during the past 6-8 weeks, inspect your nails and remove all of the residue left by these products from your natural nail before you apply Protein Bond.

Apply Personal Salon Products to HEALTHY Nails ONLY

Check your nails, cuticles and skin for any redness or abnormal condition. If you find any unhealthy conditions, wait until after your nails have healed completely before using your Personal Salon Nail System.
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