Before You Get Started: The Basic System

Complete Basic Home Nail Care Kits Include:

UV Bonding Lamp

Your 6-watt, low UV bonding lamp has been custom-designed to quickly and effectively harden and adhere the Overlay to your nails. For most applications, bonding will occur in 2-3 minutes. Lamp operates on regular household current. U.L. approved. All components are U.L., E.T.L., and C.S.A. certified.

Protein Bond

This proprietary product is an integral part of the revolutionary organic molecular bonding that is unique to HD-Polymers. Protein Bond provides the longest-lasting adhesion available without the acids, nail primer chemicals, volatile methacrylates or activated monomers found in acrylic and gel nail systems.

Product Care:

Product Care Info IconAlways tightly secure the lid when not in use. Never leave the lid off any more than necessary as the liquid can quickly evaporate and lead to unwanted crystallization of the Protein Bond in the bottle.

For Your Information:

For Your InformationSome products' bonding agents are made with industrial chemicals that degrade and chemically etch the nail plate, producing microscopic holes so that the nail plate resembles Swiss cheese. The applied product seeps into these microscopic holes and expands as it cools, creating a "gripping" action. Not only does this process damage the nail plate, but it leaves less surface for adhesion.

Clear Diamond Overlay (CDO)

Clear Diamond Overlay was created from cutting edge scientific research in polymer synthesization and the result is a safe, nontoxic and non-irritating product. When used with Protein Bond, CDO provides maximum adhesion to the natural nail. Finished nails have unmatched strength, toughness and durability and yet resist cracking.

Product Care:

Product Care Info IconDue to the unique properties of the CDO, always tightly secure the lid when not in use as overexposure to light may cause it to harden. CDO is packaged to facilitate easy application and to limit accidental hardening caused by exposure to light.

Nail Cleanse

This custom solution is a water-free cleanser and sanitizer used to achieve optimum bonding.

Application Brush

Just like the brushes used by professional nail technicians, your brush is made of high quality fiber and will provide beautiful applications time and time again.

White Shaping File

Designed meet a variety of needs, your file has a 180 grit on one side and a coarser 100 grit on the other side.

White Buffing Block

Gentle yet effective, this four-sided, soft buffer has a 180 grit on two sides and a 240 grit on the other two.

Cuticle Stick

Your cuticle stick is designed to last a long time. If needed, it can be sharpened and squared off for further use by filing the ends with the White Shaping File.

Applicator Swabs

These medical grade swabs have a high-density weave for fiber free application and controlled absorption.

Product Care:

Product Care Info IconDo not reuse your applicator swabs. To avoid contamination, break it swab in half after use. You will use six swabs for a basic application. Use only the Applicator Swabs supplied with your Personal Salon (or a similar tight-weave swab) when applying the Protein Bond to your natural nail. The Applicator Swabs provided with your Personal Salon have a high-density weave for controlled absorption and fiber-free application. Do NOT use "shaggy" drug store cotton swabs. Regular cotton swabs will absorb too much product, wasting it and spreading too much on the nail, and will leave loose fibers on the nail plate. Both of these problems will impede adhesion.
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