Introduction to Personal Salon Products

Your new Personal Salon Nail System is unlike any nail product you have ever tried!

Because of our revolutionary technology, you can finally have long lasting, strong, professional-quality nails in just minutes - at home. You can easily apply and maintain your nails at a fraction of the cost and without the health concerns of gels and acrylics. Detailed information on how Personal Salon Nail System compares to acrylic and gel nails can be found on our comparison page. As you continue to use your Personal Salon Nail System, the simple techniques for application and maintenance soon become routine - each time is easier and faster. So get ready for the longest-lasting, most beautiful nails ever!

Success Tip:

success tip iconThe Personal Salon Nail System utilizes new technology and products, so it is essential that you read and carefully follow instructions. In order to achieve maximum success, become familiar with the entire system before applying the product for the first time. Look for these tip boxes throughout the instructions for additional help.

It's a Whole New Day!

Personal Salon Overlays are actually custom engineered at the molecular level, creating a new high-density polymer unlike anything that exists in the current market. When used with Personal Salon Protein Bond, the Overlays' unique molecular structure powerfully "links up" with the natural proteins in your nail to safely and securely bond with your nail. The incredible strength and durability of the bond extends the practical life of the nails - without the dangerous acids, primers and harsh chemicals found in other nail products!

For Your Information:

For Your InformationTo better understand this incredibly powerful organic protein bond, let's compare Personal Salon's high-density polymers to the performance of hair colorants, as fingernails and hair are similar in organic makeup. Today's hair colorants bond to proteins in hair in order to form a strong, organic bond for the longest lasting color possible. In a similar manner, the unique Personal Salon products form a powerful, safe, organic bond with the protein in your nails.
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