Personal Salon DIY Home Nails - They bond organically!

Protects Nail Growth. +You can Add Instant Beautiful Length.

Stronger than acrylics. Easier than gels.

Large molecule synthesis makes them SAFER and EASIER than both!

Personal Salon DIY Home Nails: Protect and Add Sculptured LengthNail Cleanse Kills BacteriaProtein Bond Organically BondsClear Diamond Overlay Protects Nail Growth
Add instant sculptured length to your nails with Personal SalonStrong UV Bonded protection in just minutes with Personal Salon

Protein Bond, Clear Diamond Overlay, Nail Cleanse Components with Extended Home Nails Protection for your Natural Nails so they can grow long and beautiful
You've found the ultimate new product to instantly protect and lengthen your natural nails for the most beautiful nails ever! And in the convenience of your own home!
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Easy to Apply Home Nail Care

With the Personal Salon Home Nail System, you can now apply nail enhancements simply, quickly, and easily yourself --at home! The Personal Salon System will give you professional nail results without a trip to the salon.

Easier than Gel & Acrylic Nails

The Personal Salon Home Nail System is a simple system designed to be easy to apply yourself at home.

Safer Alternative to Gel & Acrylic Nails

The Personal Salon Home Nail System is a superior replacement for old, unsafe nail gel and acrylic nail technologies. These older technologies use harsh, toxic chemicals and are inconvenient and even uncomfortable. The revolutionary Personal Salon System is non-toxic and easy to use at home.

At Home Professional Quality

Easily apply the Personal Salon Nail System at home for beautiful, professional looking nails!

Low Cost & Affordable

Nail services from a salon are expensive and time-consuming. You can use our affordable and easy system at home saving you precious money and time.

Add Instant Length to Your Nails

Personal Salon not only protects your natural nails, but also allows you to instantly add length to your nails to create a beautiful long nail look. Just place an extension form underneath your nail and apply our overlay past the free edge of your nail. Harden the overlay under the UV-bonding lamp, trim the excess and shape the nail to your desired look.

Protects Nails So They Can Grow Long

Do you have weak nails? Applying the Personal Salon System will help protect nails from breaking, cracking, splitting and peeling so they can grow long and magnificently beautiful.

Lasts as Long as Acrylics

The Personal Salon Nail System products are custom-engineered to create an organic double-covalent bond with the protein in your natural nail. Because double-covalent bonds are the strongest in organic chemistry, our system will give you the strongest, longest-lasting organic nail bond.

Instant Beautiful Shine

Unlike acrylic and gel nails, there's no need to spend time buffing and finishing your nail after bonding. Personal Salon Overlays dry tack-free with a stunning, elegant shine.

Beautiful Natural Look

Nails look remarkably natural after application. If you prefer, you can remove the brilliant shine from the Diamond Overlay after it’s hardened for a shine-free look.

Fast Tack-Free Drying

After applying gel nails, alcohol is wiped over the nails to remove the remaining tackiness, which also removes the shine. Personal Salon nails dry tack-free with a lovely sheen.

Easy Maintenance

Cracks or chips in acrylic or gel nails mean time and money for repairs at a salon. With the Personal Salon Home Nail System, simply file down the damaged overlay and follow the simple instructions to quickly re-apply at home.

Fill-Ins are a Breeze

Unlike Acrylic and Gel systems, our polymer nails are non-porous and bond to your natural nail without using primers that create tiny holes in the nail, so there’s no place for microscopic line-showing dust to hide when filing and preparing your nails for the fill. You’ll be particularly pleased with how easy fills become!

Nail Polish Lasts (& Lasts)

Nail polish lasts longer when applied to nails treated with Personal Salon than when applied to natural nails. In addition, our polymer protects your body from absorbing the harsh chemicals found in many nail polishes.

Create A Beautiful French Manicure

Long lasting and elegant French manicures at home are easy with Personal Salon. Use the Brite White French Overlay for a stunning shine or use the Natural White Overlay for a more subdued look.

Safer: Non-Acrylic / Non-Gel

Personal Salon is neither a typical gel nor an acrylic nail system. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our system is the result of developing a non-toxic advancement to create a polymer overlay and bonding system that is non-destructive to both your skin and natural nail.

Safer: No Acids or Harsh Primers

Acrylic and gel systems require the use of acids and primers to get them to adhere securely. These harsh chemicals weaken the nail by creating Swiss-cheese like holes in your nails into which the acrylic or gel seeps. The acrylic or gel shrinks while drying to create what’s called “mechanical” adhesion (which is what makes fingers sometimes throb painfully after application). The Personal Salon polymer system uses an organic solution to bond the overlays with the natural protein in your nails without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

Safer: No Acrylic Monomers (MMA/EMA)

MMA (methyl methacrylate) and EMA (ethyl methacrylate) are two very toxic and reactive chemicals commonly used in acrylic and gel nail systems. It’s for that reason that acrylics have to be applied by a professional nail technician. Our uniquely safe system does not use any toxic chemicals so you can apply professional results, yourself, at home.

Doesn't Harm Your Natural Nail

The Personal Salon system organically bonds to the protein in your natural nail, enhancing the structure without harming the natural nail. In order to attach, gel and acrylic systems, on the other hand, use harsh acids and primers that decimate your natural nail, pitting your nail with Swiss-cheese like holes and chemically destroying the structure of your nail.

No Painful Pinching Feeling

Acrylic nails shrink so much as they dry that a painful pinching can be experienced for several hours or even days after the application. Personal Salon Overlays do not shrink nearly as much as acrylics, lessening or eliminating pain after application.

Resistant to Fungus

Fungus needs water to survive. Because our bonding technology requires the removal of virtually all of the water between our overlay and your natural nail, there is little or no opportunity for fungal growth! In fact, many individuals who once had fungus have reported switching to Personal Salon has corrected their fungal problems.

Formulated To Be Hypoallergenic

Acrylic and Gel nails seem to cause skin reactions ranging from minor to severe. Personal Salon polymers have been custom synthesized to have properties significantly less likely to cause an allergic reaction with your skin.


Cutting-edge Personal Salon Home Nail System products are uniquely non-toxic and non-irritating to your skin and natural nail.

Works with Flat or Round Nails

Our polymer Overlay is a thick liquid, similar to molasses or honey, which can be applied to any type of nail size and shape. It can also be used to change the shape of your nail.

Enhance or Create an Arch

Enhance or create an arch by simply turning your hand upside down after applying the overlay and before bonding. The overlay will flow to a gentle peak at the center of your nail to create a beautiful arch.

Overlay Applies Easily Like Nail Polish

In fact, our overlays are even easier to apply than some nail polishes! Our overlays are self-leveling, so you don't have to spend any time trying to remove brush strokes, like some lower quality nail polishes. If you can apply nail polish, you can apply our overlays.

Self Leveling: No Visible Brush Strokes

Our overlay and finish products quickly level on their own. This saves you time and frustration when applying and ensures no visible brush strokes after application.

Revolutionary New Technology!

We've spent years synthesizing our own ingredients from the molecular level, so our system is truly revolutionary-- unlike any other nail beauty system available! All other systems currently on the market simply take a combination of the harsh chemicals currently available and mix them into a different chemical "soup", then call it a new product. We started from the ground up so you can have beautiful nails and professional results from an at-home product that is easy, safe and affordable.
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